CEO Message

Large or small, every project whether Architecture or Interior, involves many complicated and challenging decisions. You can discuss your options with your family, friends and neighbors - everyone will have an opinion. But an Architect/Designer is the one professional who has the education, expertise and vision necessary to guide you through the entire design and construction process successfully.

With a broad understanding of design, renovation and construction, we have architects specially educated to solve problems in creative ways. We can help you avoid exorbitant and extravagant prices and provide innovative solutions you might never have considered. Solutions that make your home, commercial or industrial project more efficient, functional, attractive, aesthetic and exquisite. Solutions that maximize your investment.

One can benefit from an architect's expertise at each stage of the home building/renovating, commercial, or industrial projects - from site selection to purchasing your final interior furnishings.

To conclude an architect, turns your visions of a warm and comfortable home into reality through determination, hard work and a positive attitude. As we in Almiraj Enterprises believe that the future belongs to those who believe in their strength and aspirations in life.

Muhammad Talha Afzaal
Principal Architect (CEO)

Director Message

My job is to communicate a client’s story, their brands and ideas.

Love my work with curiosity in my mind, passion, openness and patience with problem solving solutions in my own creative way! It is imperative to maintain professionalism, in tricky situations and to be absolutely clear with the client.

We at Talha Design Solutions love to look beyond the surface of things, have a love of art, a curiosity of the world around us and to explore both the minute details and the big picture.

We balance projects and master time management.

As a designer I think both logistically and critically to make the pieces fit together and turn ideas into a finished product.

Shehneez Talha
( Designer )
Masters in Art and Graphic designing
Punjab University.